Q: Can this break my printer?
A: Nope, extremely unlikely. You can always revert back to the original firmware.

Q: I am using the Maker Select Plus can i use this firmware?
A:Yes you can. But since Maker Select havent made their firmware public yet, you can't revert back to the original firmware:/
You could always flash the official wanhao firmware. It has different menu layouts though.
I've already contacted Maker Select, they just didnt respond at all.
So if you have interest, contact them to let them know the community has a demand for the firmware!

Q: I found a bug. How can i report it?
A: You can either open an issue on the github page or send me a message over on Discord (My username is Quark).

Q: Why doesn't this firmware have motor and pid settings?
A:This firmware has auto pid tuning built in so you dont need to change pid manually.
Anyone who wants to modify the motor settings should already know how to do it.
I removed the menu cause i felt it was unnecessary and wasted screen space.

Q: What is LCD Update Mode?
A: It's a feature useful for debugging the firmware. It tells the printer to act as a serial bridge,
so all send serial commands get forwarded directly to the touchscreen.

Q: Why do my aborted prints count as completed prints?
A: Thats the way Marlin's statistics work. Only power outages or similar issues get counted as failed prints.

Q: Those temp numbers are ugly!
A: Yes, i know. It's high on the list for future changes. But i didnt want to wait any longer with the first release.

Q: I dont like the design. Will there be alternatives in the future?
Nepe is working on his i3Extra firmware. It will have a completely different design but will have similar features.

Q: I know how to code. Can i contribute to this project?
A: Sure! Head over to our Discord to get in contact.

Q: Help, i cant flash the touchscreen firmware
A: In some cases microSD cards bigger then 8GB can cause issues. Try a smaller one!